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A drama with a need for flair

The story has a decent pace as far as shorts go, my initial impression is that of suspense or maybe even a thriller, a rare flash trait. It's just enough to draw the viewer in and keep them wanting more.

I'm seeing a double edged sword effect in the art. On one hand, you've taken the time to do the shading and lighting in your characters and background. Though you miss out on other things like giving characters a bland look or style, and tiny details such as the officer's badge. (Name was there, but it felt like a last minute bolt-on)

The animation is unbelievable at points giving the characters a staggering look, animation and art should go hand in hand.

I'm enjoying the voice acting so far, though it's not the best, it's working. From time to time I hear hear breath hitting the mic (though that's no reflect on the artist, just the actor.)

All in all, keep evolving.

Flashy, but simply floppy

Now I've sure you've heard it plenty times before, but maybe I'll say it just once more: the Audio. I see this is one of your older animations being published in 2006, but I figure I'll still cite that.

Aside from the audio, another thing that bugged me was small gaps within the animation; such as when a "demon" would be sliced there would be a simple line. I'm not sure if that was intentional, but it seemed to bug me as being too simple.

Other in that, the writing is fun as usual, it's like boondocks, with swords (haha).

Simply fresh

Now the one thing here I've alwasy tried to figure out is if your trying to set an underlying message in your Necropolis series. Seems like a silly question, though some people choose to tell a story just to tell it, and people misinterpret a story for something else entirely.

That aside, this particular episode was just an amazing watch from start to finish. The dialogue was well written, and didn't fall into the standardized "anime" sap that we usually get. Given the animation, it feels all to familiar (evolve vs church), but not without being refreshingly original.

The audio selection set a perfect tone, it immediately drew me in and told me: "this is cool, so pay attention" that is for a lack of better words.

Your style is simply fresh, and you make on a website that has so many others simply trying to fit in.

JazLyte responds:

Hehehe, nah there's no real overlapping message, though I do throw in bits and pieces of my personal views in once and while. But if I was going to pull something out of my ass that I'd hope people would take from my cartoons is that there aren't really any heroes or villains in the world, just a bunch of random ass people with random ass motives for what they do, and man-made gauges to measure the purity of said motives. Of course, that's a far shot from mafia-minded Christians fighting against money-hungry wizards. I dunno, maybe I'll find some creative way to slip that in :P Thanks for the review, glad you enjoyed it

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Could be alot better

The sound is much too low, I had to turn my speakers up to full blast just to try to hear it. Might wanna resubmit this one.

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